Vitality | Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book

Vitality | Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book

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The layout of this book starts with a mental approach and transitions to application. Real fast, I will outline each section of the book to give you an idea of what they are about. Jumping around this book is completely fine, and something you can / should do. But before you should read the first section on DESIGN - HERO - HABITS - WHAT GOD WOULD EAT before diving in as it is the root philosophy of my thinking and the framework for how and why we eat a certain way. After this section, roam as desired.

DESIGN | The basis of thinking behind the book.

HERO | A call to action for living a healthy and fruitful life.

HABITS | The framework for how habits work and how to change them.

GOD EATING | If God came to earth, how would he eat?

WHAT TO EAT AND WHEN | Basic outline of carbs, proteins, and fats and how to use them.

WHAT TO EAT FOR EACH MEAL | <—— Precisely that

STYLES OF EATING | Methods of eating from the 80/20 rule to a plant-based diet.

EATING SCHEDULES | How to structure your day for optimal weight loss and performance.

TRAINING FOR WEIGHT LOSS | How to really burn fat when working out.

10 COMMANDMENTS OF WEIGHT LOSS | 10 rules to follow that will create a lean and healthy body.

RECIPES / SUPPLEMENTS | Simple, low-cost, high-quality recipes that will lead to optimal health and have you feeling amazing, as well as a list of supplements I personally take to improve my mental and physical wellbeing.

I hope you enjoy this book and use it is as a tool to amplify your life. I have spent many many many hours learning these practices and figuring out how to apply them over the years and they have all worked well for both me and my clients. 

It is crazy to think that being overweight is the norm these days and that following a healthy diet is a weird thing to do. Please don’t be one of those who view health as a fad or loser idea. Your level of health directly affects the quality of your life, and bad decisions lead to injury, cancer, lack of ability, and death. Let’s try and avoid these preventable areas of life as much as possible and live on the plane of existence we are here to take part in.

With love, 

Jacob Showers

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