MARCH 17 | 2021

To start, I would first like to say thank you.

In the past five years or so I have re-adjusted my aim in life from the pursuit of success through the attainment of money, materialism, political power, a high ranking job, etc to instead that of lasting impact and the empowerment of myself and others that I am fortunate enough to work with and have the privilege of knowing.

This change first began in the 2017 with the start of Know the Road and the idea of trying to illustrate the essence of life and spiritual empowerment through the outlet of clothing, photography, discussion, and more. This illustration of ideas has now evolved to the complete pursuit and development of CLLCTV; a community based service that aims to empower and bring together those individuals looking to maximize their life experience through the optimization of health in the areas of mind, body, and soul. 

As I am only 24, and learning to create all of what I plan to do, through the sole resource of self education, I am slowed in the process of being able to express, build, and develop my ideas. I would say that I am currently at close to 80-100% of personal output with only 5% idea and vision expression, of which is increasing everyday.

Regardless of this, you have still chose to support me and my pursuits of building CLLCTV. For this, I am very grateful. 

I try to find the words that would accurately express my level of gratitude for your support and attention, but unfortunately they seem either to not exist or are out of my current base of knowledge. But just know, that this support means more to me than you could imagine and that without your support I would not be able to pursue this vision at all.


As far as the vision for CLLCTV, I would like to update you on where I am looking to head and where my current work and attention lies.


Currently I am juggling all responsibility for the growth and development of CLLCTV. These responsibilities include development of programs, design, recipes, workouts, mind and soul practices, scheduling, customer service, web design, accounting, branding, community, photography, and more. I can compare such as task as trying to run on top of a massive snow ball rolling down a mountain while jumping from one snowball to the next to make sure it stays on course and with proper momentum. While this can be extremely stressful at times, it can be also the most meaningful, uplifting, and joyful experience.

But, in order for CLLCTV to grow and fulfill it’s vision, I must make more snowballs, better snowballs, that will expand the impact and value that CLLCTV brings.

The primary focus outside of the responsibilities listed above is the building of the CLLCTV APP. This app will be available as a web version by the end of MARCH and will hopefully be available for the mobile version by the second week of APRIL. The CLLCTV app will bring immense value and simplification on both the user end and my end as it will put everything in one place with easier accessibility, flow, and use, increasing the potential impact that the product will bring.

After the establishment of the APP comes the expansion of the brand. This expansion includes marketing, spread, and the growth of the user base. Before this is possible, CLLCTV must have a solid foundation, of which I aim currently working very hard to build. This being is the reason why you have not seen a CLLCTV presence on social media or any push to grow at all. But very soon, it will be and must be time if CLLCTV is to expand, impact, and survive. 

The growth goal of CLLCTV it to reach upwards of 60 members by the end of May, going into the summer. This goal can only be achieved by the execution of two things. One, by having a great product that has real value for the user. Two, by the spread of such value by the current members. When the time for growth comes, I will humbly ask that you help aid this process. All help and assistance will be rewarded.


The future potential of CLLCTV is vast, but only possible through the execution of current goals and development. While the ideas for the future are exciting and range from a physical gym, optimization product, seminars, community events, retreats, and more, none of these will be possible without a successful MARCH to MAY period and have no use to fantasize over.

 If I should end on one note, I would just like to again say thank you and to let you know that the value CLLCTV brings into your life is always in mind and will get better and better every month. Your current support means the world to me and is the source of all CLLCTV success in the future.

I am working very hard to make CLLCTV one of the most valuable products / resources in your life.

With immense gratitude,
  Jacob Showers




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