How to Join?

To maintain the purity of the club, we currently have two ways of joining.

The first way is through initiation week. Initiation week takes place every first full week of a new month. During this week, you will have the opportunity to complete the "everyday" challenge, in which you will be asked to train for one hour, everyday, for one week. After completing this test you are officially apart of MAC. 

The Initiation Week is a test to see how consistently you are willing to work to improve your life.

The second way to join is the completion of an MAC challenge. MAC challenges occur roughly once a month and are open to the public. To officially become a part of the crew, you must complete the challenge and the following initiation week.

The goal of the club is 200 athletes in the first year. Let's make it happen. +

To become apart of the upcoming initiation week please sign up via the website or dm the page @ :



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