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(A journal entry I decided to share)
Man extends his life to God through virtue. He only can find true happiness (joy) in life when living a life of virtue. The lustful, slothful, glutton, fearful, will never find the true happiness they are looking for. Happiness can only be found through the virtues : 
Temperance: The virtue of rational self-control.
Fortitude: The virtue of the power of action and bravery.
Justice: The virtue of rights, equality, and doing good.
Prudence: The virtue which directs human acts to their proper goal.
I don’t know what more to say. Every time I hear that happiness is paired with virtue, I only hear the truth. I only remember the deep experience of joy I have once felt when in a state of grace with God. The best state. A state I have not felt in quite some time. A state of ultimate peace and prosperity. A state of minimalism,, with no need for nothing more than the love of God, life, the universe, whatever you want to call it. These times can only come when you are in right action. Actions = feelings. This is the purest truth. The only one that I can say rings true. Pleasure, indulgence, gluttony, intemperance, comfort; although they feel good in the moment, we know in our hearts that these are not the answers we are looking for. They have no direction and bring no aim to life. They cloud our minds and disconnect us to what is true and best for us. Great physical health is not found in comfort. The proper diet is not found in gluttony. Success is not found in slothfulness. Love is not found within lust. Happiness is not found in the material.
The only path to true happiness is through virtue. But for those who still read, you know this to be true. Life is here to propel you to the purification of your soul in the afterlife. This life is a stepping stone to the next phase. Your life now shapes your reality for eternity. 
Be wise knowing this. Take the steps that your heart calls for you. Listen. Be still. And have faith in the voice within you. 
Jacob | July 14
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