Mastering Cheat Days |

In the video above, Tim Ferris goes over how to "master" your cheat days, which he views as a necessary component of a diet. To get the complete guide of information, watch the video intently. For a basic summary, read below:

How do you master cheat days? With the perfect BREAKFAST.

Not only does Tim's routine apply to cheat days but also every day's "first meal." The protocol follows the combination of specific foods to dampen the effects of the "bad" food you eat for the rest of the day.

Now, what is the goal of this first meal? To suppress your insulin response to the cheat day food. Usually, when you start your cheat day with, say, pancakes and donuts, you spike your insulin, creating high blood sugar and insulin levels throughout the day, leading to fat gain and sugar cravings. With the use of the cheat day primer meal, you suppress your insulin response with a low sugar, high fiber meal, leading to improved blood sugar and insulin sensitivity throughout the rest of the day. Then you can go crazy with your cheat day meals.

The perfect first meal includes:
- Small healthy serving 
- High fiber (veggies, lentils,)
- Low glycemic carbs (berries, graprefruit
- 20-30g of protein 
- Optional caffeine

Ideas for the meal include :
- A salad with berries, avocado, nuts, greens mix, hemp seeds and a protein shake
- Morning egg scramble w/ veggies, blackberries & raspberries.
- ON THE GO: Handful of nuts, berries, and a coffee.


Cacao smoothie | Summer salad | Morning Acai Bowl

When you start your day with these foods, you suppress your insulin response, helping you handle the food you cheat with more efficiently and keep you from gaining extra fat. Use this cheat day hack to continue your progress towards the body / health you want. 


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