The value of physical training and what it does to your life


You see, physical training is not that simple. It’s not just burning calories, building muscle, and breaking a sweat. It’s much more than that. 


Training is an application you bring into your life that helps you to optimize it. Meaning, training is something you do if you want your life to be good, or at least, better than it was before.


No, training won't save you from misfortune, hardship, or disaster. But training will make you stronger, both mentally and physically, and with being stronger you will be more equip to deal with the tragedy and misfortune that comes with life. 


You may be asking how training can possibly do this. Well, let me explain.


First off, training is not easy. It takes time, discipline, large amounts of focus, and an incredible amount of will. Physical training itself is stressing your body to points of complete exhaustion and in some cases such large amounts of stress and fatigue that is actually tears your current muscles fibers in order to make stronger and larger ones (what you feel when you are “sore”).


But, with this “hardship” comes a limitless amount of upside.


You gain confidence. You begin to look healthier, stronger, “better”. You improve virtually all areas of your physical health and with the improvement of the physical you in return improve the mental. This means decreased anxiety, depression, self consciousness. You actually “build” yourself into something more. Something better. Something more equipt to deal with the world. 


Not only does training help you to deal with and get through the “hardship” of the world. Training also improves the good areas in your life. Through increased confidence, reduced anxiety, a stronger will, and improved health you can enjoy life more. Your time with your friends and family will be enhanced, your focus and productivity will improve, and your relationship with an intimate partner will also improved.  You will also decrease your likeliness to suffer in the future from a chronic disease, poor heart health, or blood pressure issues, giving you increased longevity and overall enjoyment of life.


Through your ability to endure in this discipline, you improve mind, body, and soul. It’s good for you, it’s good for your family, friends, community, etc.


It makes you better in every aspect. Which, in return, makes every aspect of your life better.


That’s the value of training.

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