Worth Tha Pain | A collection from M RUNNING CLUB, representing the worthiness of sacrifice to reach your goals. Progress is never easy, but it’s always Worth Tha Pain.

This collection aims to create an entire experience behind the clothing and meaning of the running club. With this, we made a film, clothing, a playlist, and workout programs. It’s here to aid your journey toward your best self.

Firstly we put together a workout challenge and a playlist for the collection. With the completion of these workouts you will get a BOGO coupon for the collection. The workouts are hard but not designed just for pain but rather for progress. The workouts will be available on March 26 and must be completed by April 3.

With the drop of the collection we will also have the release of training program, designed to take LVL 1 runners and put them in 10 k shape and LVL 2 runners in 13.1 shape in roughly 7 weeks. This program will be free with collection purchases or available for purchase.

Lastly, for the collection we made a film. A short 3 minute movie going over what M CLUB represents and the collection as a whole. A piece of art and design that took many hours of work.

The clothing drops April 3rd. Those that complete workouts will get a discount and all who spend over $70 will be entered into a raffle to get free custom nike runners. It’s not about the money here, its about growing a club of like minded individuals and getting the product out.

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