CLLCTV X זכרו לזכור


CLLCTV stands for a “collective” of like minded individual all striving for the fulfillment of their highest potential. This potential lies in the all aspects of life: MIND - BODY - SOUL


  • Intelligence
  • Business
  • Success
  • Finance
  • Money



  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Performance
  • Longevity



  • Relationships (with others and self)
  • Spirituality
  • Experience
  • Beauty


CLLCTV believe that we are given this life experience to make the most of it, to not settle for the norm of mediocrity but instead to strive to become our best selves and develop the light within us to the fullest capacity.

CLLCTV aims to do this through the constant training and development of our MIND - BODY - SOUL.

Check out the MBS programs, the blog, or contact us directly at (email) to learn more.


זכרו לזכור

זכרו לזכור says "remember to remember" in Hebrew. 

The meaning behind this idea is to "remember" the key aspects of life.

To remember why we are here. 

To remember that we come from the source of all creation.

To remember who we are and what we are capable of.

To remember to stay focused,

To remember to love.

To remember to help.

To remember to stay connected to God, the universe, yourself.

To remember that you get this life one time and to make the most of it.

To remember... 

זכרו לזכור

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